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Making Smart Home Technology 

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Life is Lived Best at Home!

Aging in Place is easy when you have a safe and secure home patterned around your needs.

Customized  Customized
Our Experts will customize an easy-to-use system to make your home helpful at any phase of life.

Start simple with one or two products. We can help you add more at any time as your needs change.

Technology to make your home safer and more secure as you age.

Helpful Home

  • Stay safe with fall detection that does not require a necklace, watch or pull cord.
  • Be alerted if you forget to turn off the oven.
  • Get reminders to take your medication at the right time.
  • Share access to your security cameras with your loved ones.
  • Know when guests or caregivers enter or leave with a smart lock.
  • Reduce the risk of a fall with motion sensor smart lights.
  • Control your ceiling fans, shades, thermostat and lights with the press of a button or with your voice.
  • The lights flash, an alarm sounds and the family is alerted in case of fire or carbon monoxide.
  • And so much more!


“I did not know how much I would enjoy all of my smart devices. Now I cannot imagine living without them.”

— Patti (87 yrs.)

Easy Nicki S.
“My mom has never used a computer. Now she easily runs her smart home and even shows me new things she has discovered.”

— Nicki S. (Dublin, OH)

ProactiveBuck B.
“Integrated Smart Homes has helped us with our home and business. Now they are adding more technology that will make our retirement better.”

— Buck B. (Upper Arlington)

ConvenientJames H.
“Not only is it much easier to see my new thermostat, I can change the temperature with my voice if I need to without getting out of bed.”

— James H. (Westerville)